15″ Vanilla Corolle Dolls

By on 8-22-2011 in Corolle Dolls

As you probably know already, Corolle creates and manufactures several different types of dolls. They’ve created baby dolls (also known as ‘Les Classiques’), dolls for babies (the ‘BabiCorolle’ line), and toddler dolls that smell like vanilla (also known as the ‘Miss Corolle’ dolls)! I have one of the 15 inch vanilla dolls, and, like most dolls,  she is way prettier in person than in the pictures. I’ve had her since Christmas 2008, and she still looks as pretty as the day I got her (of course, her hair is a little bit tangled, but it’s normal for that to happen).

She has thick, blond hair, gorgeous blue eyes, and the cutest expression on her face! Her ‘meet outfit’ is a pink dress and a matching headband, but when I got her, she came in a white dress with pink flowers, a white sweater with the Corolle logo, and white shoes (with the headband, of course!).

You can purchase these dolls at any local stores that carry Corolle dolls. There are 3 different choices of ‘Vanilla’ dolls: Blond hair/blue eyes, brown hair/brown eyes, and red hair/green eyes.

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