6 New Years Resolutions from Doll House Diva for 2012

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Well, it’s almost 2012, which means that we will be saying ‘Aloha’ (goodbye) to Kanani and ‘Hello’ to McKenna as she debuts on January 1st! It also means that it’s time to come up with New Years Resolutions. This year, my resolutions have to do with my interest in dolls.


1) I would like to go to a thrift store one day and find a Felicity doll in decent condition for a good price. It doesn’t matter if she comes with her Meet Outfit or not, because I can always purchase a colonial outfit that looks similar to it.

2) If I don’t find a Felicity doll in decent condition for a good price, I’ll go to the Michaels Store closest to where I live, and I’ll see if they have the Springfield dolls. I’ve heard that their outfits and accessories are PERFECT for the American Girl dolls, and maybe I’ll be able to purchase a Springfield doll.

3) This one is the most important out of all 12. I would really like to go to an American Girl store someday. Whichever one is closest to where I live. Seeing all the commercials featuring girls who look like they’re having fun at AG Place… it just makes me want to go to AG Place so bad!!!!!!

4) I would like to continue posting as often as I can and share more news about dolls, crafts that I create, and maybe a few ‘Doll-Sized Discoveries’.

5) I would like to share photos of my American Girl doll corner in my bedroom when it’s ORGANIZED!!! My cats really like going into my doll corner and playing with my dolls when I’m not looking, not to mention that I play with my dolls often (and take pictures of them), so it’s really messy (and it’s hard to find a place for all my doll stuff, especially considering all the doll stuff I got for Christmas!). I’m thinking of organizing it when I take the doll-sized Christmas tree down after the New Year.

6) I would like to sew more clothes for my dolls. Apparently, the prices of American Girl dolls, clothes, and accessories are going to increase by $5.00 in the new year (I noticed that McKenna’s price is going to be $105.00 just for a doll and book), so I might not be able to purchase very many AG things compared to previous years. That is why I want to start sewing clothes for my dolls again.

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  1. Cool! I got a sewing machine for Christmas, so I want to learn how to see doll clothes too! If you want to see my AG/blog related resolutions check my blog tomorrow or so. 🙂

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