A cute doll hairstyle

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Hi everyone! I’m Karina Grace. In case you didn’t know (because my owner has collected American Girl-sized dolls for a while), I’m an Only Hearts Club doll. I’ve become great friends with the American Girl dolls, although it can get kinda lonely sometimes without any friends my size to play with (although my owner is thinking about adding to the collection in the future! Yay!). But enough about me, because I have something important to share with you. A tutorial on how to create a cute hairstyle for your Only Hearts Club doll (this hairstyle will work for any doll!)


This is what the hairstyle looks like from the front…


…and this is what the hairstyle looks like from the back. Don’t I look adorable??? My owner says that I’m very photogenic 🙂


Ok, first thing’s first. You need to get your materials. You will need: a small hair elastic, a brush, 2 mini hairclips, and, of course, the doll of your choice. (When you’re styling an American Girl doll’s hair, always remember to use a wire wig brush and a spray bottle that has water inside. Also, make sure the hair accessories/brush that you use on your doll haven’t been in your hair, because the oils from your hair might damage your doll’s hair)


STEP 1: Brush your doll’s hair.


STEP 2: Move a little bit of hair to the front of your doll (as seen in the picture).


STEP 3: Put your doll’s hair (not the section that you just brought to the front, but the rest of it) into a ponytail.


STEP 4: Attach one of the mini hairclips to the hair elastic.


STEP 5: Repeat step 4 using the other mini hairclip.


And that’s how to create a fancy hairstyle on your dolls! Thanks for viewing this post. Bye 🙂

Karina Grace








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