A Day at The Horse Ranch with Kit and Julie

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Where I live, the weather has been SUPER NICE… blue sky, summer-like temperatures, etc. About a week ago, I decided to do a Spring Photoshoot with my dolls, and here are some pictures I took of Kit and Julie.

In this picture, Kit was riding one of my miniature horses, Lilly. I was a little bit nervous about doing this photo-shoot, and I was thinking, “What if Kit or Julie fall off the horse and get dirty? I don’t want that to happen.” Despite my thoughts, they didn’t fall off the horses 🙂


Another adorable picture of Kit riding Lilly 🙂


“Ride like the wind, Lilly!”


Julie decided to ride Lilly for a while, too!


I love this picture… it looks like the horses are just the right size for Julie <3


Annabelle, Lilly’s baby, was interested in my dolls, so I decided to put Julie on her back for a ‘ride’, too (with the help of my parents… I had to make sure the dolls were positioned right).


I love this picture… it shows the bond between a horse and a person… or, in this case, a horse and a doll <3


When the dolls finished riding the mini’s, my dad decided to put Julie’s hat on Annabelle’s head (LOL!)


Julie was visiting another one of my horses, Sparkle 🙂


Sparkle seemed quite interested in Julie, and after they got used to each other, Julie did something really amazing…


… she got on Sparkle’s back! Within a few minutes. she was riding and having fun 🙂


“This is SO MUCH FUN! Wait ’till Dell sees this… she will be really surprised!”(in my little stories that I have created for my dolls, Julie has a friend named Dell [who is one of the Hearts For Hearts dolls]. Dell is Julie’s ‘faraway friend’, and, according to my short story [that I have created in my mind], “Julie and Dell: Forever Friends’, they stay in contact through email)




The dolls also had a campfire (not a real one) and roasted mini-marshmallows (I picked the marshmallows up from the grocery store, but I haven’t taken the campfire pictures yet. I’m thinking of doing that this weekend) Are you doing anything fun to celebrate Spring?



  1. That’s really cute! 😉 I wish I lived on a farm…

  2. My grandma and grandpa own miniature horses. I’ll have to have my dolls go for a ride on my horse sometime.

  3. Aw! So cute! I love mini horses and regular sized ones!

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