A Look Back At My New Years Resolutions For 2012…

By on 12-31-2012 in Uncategorized

Last year, I wrote a list of 6 resolutions, and I thought it would be fun to see if I actually accomplished any of them. (Here’s the link to last year’s post if you want to see what I wrote).

Number 1 on my list was “Find a Felicity doll at a thrift store for a decent price”. This was one of my (somewhat unrealistic) dreams, and I never even thought about looking for this doll. I get a FAIL on this one.

Number 2 on my list was “Go to the Michaels Store closest to where I live, and purchase a Springfield Doll”. I’ve purchased several Springfield items during two different shopping trips to Michaels, including my doll, McKenna (aka Olivia). This resolution is one that I get a PASS on!

Number 3 on my list was “I would really like to go to an American Girl store someday”. This will probably never happen, but a girl can dream!

Number 4 on my list was “I would like to continue posting as often as I can and share more news about dolls, crafts that I create, and maybe a few ‘Doll-Sized Discoveries’.” I think I get a PASS on this one 🙂

Number 5 on my list was “I would like to share photos of my American Girl doll corner in my bedroom when it’s ORGANIZED!!!” After getting Kit for Christmas 2011, when the new year came, I took down the mini Christmas tree and moved all of my 18-inch-doll stuff into my closet! Now, it’s more organized 🙂 This one deserves a PASS!

Number 6 on my list was “I would like to sew more clothes for my dolls”. I just recently got my sewing machine out of storage, so I haven’t really done anything with that resolution. I did, however, sew a blanket and 2 pillows for my dolls before the holidays 🙂



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