A New Friend: The AG dolls Meet McKenna

By on 4-02-2012 in American Girl, Other Doll Brands, Photo-stories

Spring Break was last week, and my dolls had a great time 🙂 According to the dolls, this month has been great so far, because they have been hanging out with their new friend, McKenna (and I’ve been taking lots of pictures!). Here’s a short photostory that I created of my AG dolls meeting McKenna.


“Hi, I’m Chrissa. I don’t think I’ve met you before.”

“I just moved here from Edmonton. My name is McKenna,” the new girl replied.

“It’s so nice to meet you!” “McKenna is such a pretty name! My friend’s name is Margaret, but everyone calls her Kit.” Chrissa said. She was very interested in this new girl she had met.


Suddenly, Chrissa noticed something… there was a miniature doll hanging from the belt on McKenna’s dress. “I really like your doll.”


(this is a picture of the doll)


“Thanks,” McKenna said. “I originally wanted a Lalaloopsy doll, but soon, I realized that the only reason I wanted one was because everyone else had one. Anna-Marie told me that it was OK to be different, it was OK to stand out. That led me to purchase this doll.”

Just then, Chrissa’s other friends, Sierra, Julie, and Kit (who were almost like sisters to her) came around the corner.


“This is McKenna, and she just moved here from Edmonton.” Chrissa said enthusiastically.

“Hi,” everyone called out.


“McKenna, this is Sierra, Julie, and Kit.”

“Hello, everyone!” McKenna said with a wave. She was extremely happy to meet some new friends.


“You’re going to love it here,” Sierra said. “We do lots of fun stuff! Last Christmas, Anna-Marie found a Christmas tree that was just our size, and there was this time where me, Chrissa, and Julie had a Halloween Party… that was really fun! I love making friends, because I get the chance to tell them about all the fun things that happen here!”

“I’m very happy to meet you, Sierra. I love making new friends, too!”


That was the photo story that I created, documenting the arrival of McKenna and her introduction into my doll collection! I hope you like it 🙂








  1. Hi Anna-Marie! I’m so glad you got your Springfield Collection doll! She looks really cute.

  2. Thanks for the compliment about my doll!

    I really like your Springfield dolls, too. When I bought McKenna a few weeks ago, I saw Maria on the shelf (along with Abby, Emma, and Olivia), and I was like, “This is the doll that I saw on YouTube! She’s even prettier in person! Now I have a very hard choice to make…” (but I thought ALL the Springfield Dolls were cute)

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