‘A Summer Like No Other’ Part 1

By on 4-21-2012 in American Girl, Other Doll Brands, Photo-stories

 Coming up next, the premiere of ‘A Summer Like No Other’! Followed by ‘The Only Hearts Club’.

“Hi everyone! McKenna here. I have some exciting news… I’m going to L.A. for the summer! I get to visit my friends, go to AG Place, and do lots of fun stuff! This is gonna be a rockin’ summer! I just have to pack my things, and I’ll be on my way!”


“I have so many cute clothes that it’s hard to choose what to pack!”


“Of course, I’m going to pack my nightgown! It will also work as a summer dress!”


“Since it’s summertime, I’m going to pack my really adorable swimsuit!”


“I’ll just put the swimsuit in my bag… and then I’ll decide what else I should pack. I can’t believe how hard this is… For all the other dolls out there, I guess this is what happens when your owner buys a lot of clothes for you! 🙂


“Hmm… what else should I pack?”


I know… I’ll pack my turquoise dress that my friends gave me for Easter!”


“I’ll pack my T-shirt and shorts, too!”


“Oh, no! I don’t have any room to put my shorts and T-shirt!”


“What am I gonna do? I don’t have an extra bag that I can put my other stuff in… wait a minute… I can use the bag that Chrissa gave me!”



“What other outfits should I pack?”


“I’ll pack my Argyle t-shirt and denim skirt…”


“…and my camouflage skirt. There, I’m done packing my clothes! Now, I have a few things left to pack!”


“I have to decide which accessories I should pack!”



“So that I can make some room for the accessories, I’ll remove some of the clothes from my bag…”


“Now, which accessories should I pack?”


“I’ll pack my soccer ball…”


“…my iPod…some hair accessories…”


“…a snack…”


“….and my water bottle!”


“I’m also gonna pack my really cute visor…”


“…my slippers…”


“…a few pairs of shoes…”



“… and my blanket.”


“I’m done packing! Wait a minute, I almost forgot something!”


“I can’t forget to pack my dollhouse!”


“Thanks for helping me decide what to pack for my vacation! Bye!”


  1. Hi McKenna!

    Julie, Stephanie (my AG) and I are going to Washington to a Rick Springfield concert, and while we’re there, we’re going to the Seattle AG Place too! Have fun on your trip!

  2. Hi Sharry 🙂

    This is McKenna. On behalf of all of us here at Doll House Diva.com, I hope you and your dolls have fun at that concert/AG Place!

    Anna-Marie isn’t REALLY going to AG Place, she’s just pretending that I’m going there for this photo-story. It’s been a lifelong dream of hers to go to AG Place, so she’s acting it out in the photo-story. Hopefully, her dream will come true someday… I would love to go there with one of my AG friends 🙂

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