‘A Summer Like No Other’ Part 2

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Previously, on ‘A Summer Like No Other’:

‘I’m going to L.A.! I’m SO EXCITED!!!!!


“All flights to Canada may now board,” the announcer said over the intercom. I was waiting for my aunt to pick me up from the airport. I couldn’t believe I was in L.A…. a place I had only heard about on TV. Now, I was ACTUALLY HERE! Besides going to American Girl Place and Disneyland, I was planning on pursuing my dreams of becoming famous.


Suddenly, someone I didn’t recognize walked up to me. I looked at her, and, based on what I had learned about my family history, I realized that this person was my aunt!


She ran up and hugged me. “McKenna!” she exclaimed. “Hi, Aunt Lisa.” i replied. “It’s so good to see you… Oh, my gosh, you’ve grown so fast since the last time I saw you!” The last time me and Aunt Lisa saw each other was in 2004, when I was 5 years old. It was no surprise that I had grown quickly since then.


“Welcome to L.A., the city where-” “Dreams are made of. I’ve watched JONAS L.A. before, almost everyone in my class last year watched it. We all know how to describe L.A.!” I finished the sentence.

“Are you excited about spending the summer here?” Aunt Lisa asked me. “YES! I’m planning on pursuing my dreams of becoming famous, going to AG Place and Disneyland, and maybe even visiting the set of a Disney Channel TV show! This is gonna be a summer like no other!”


Aunt Lisa helped me carry my bags to her car, and I told her how excited I was about this summer!


“As we all know,” Macey said, “a new girl is coming to live here for the summer. I was thinking that we could surprise her. Does anyone agree to this idea?” “I think it’s a good idea,” Stella answered. “Yeah, i think it’s a good idea, too!” Nicole responded.


“Nicole, you’ll be standing by the door.” “OK.” Nicole replied. “This is a really easy job!”


Before going to her hiding spot (aka her bed), Macey said, “Stella, before I give you your assignment, please get dressed!” “Hey, I just got up, like, 10 minutes ago. Besides, I have no idea what I should wear to welcome the new girl!”


“Just wear something that looks adorable/perfect for summer vacation. I don’t mind if you borrow my flower-print dress, or any of my other outfits.”


“Hey, girls!” Aunt Lisa said cheerfully as she walked through the door. “I have someone I’d like to introduce you to.” She looked around. Nicole and Stella were the only girls she could see. “Nicole, Stella, do any of you girls know where Macey is?”


Stella replied, “She’s hiding behind the door, on her bed.” “Thanks for telling me where she was. Macey, get over here right now! I have someone I want you to meet!”


Once all the girls were together, Aunt Lisa told them about the new girl. “I would like you to meet my niece, McKenna. She’s gonna be staying here for the summer.”


I walked over to where they were standing. “Hi,” I said quietly. “I’m gonna leave you girls to get acquainted,” Aunt Lisa said, then she walked away.


Next time, on ‘A Summer Like No Other’:

(a preview of Part 3 will be added soon, once I take the pictures)


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