Caption This Doll Picture #2

By on 2-25-2012 in Caption This Doll Picture

I’m happy to say that Caption This Doll Picture is back! I loved reading everyone’s captions from the last time!

What do you think Chrissa and Julie are thinking/saying? Just comment below with your caption! It can be as funny and/or creative as you’d like it to be 🙂 I’ll pick my favourite caption, and it will be shown next Friday.

Have fun! I can’t wait to see all your captions 🙂



  1. Julie: Hey Chrissa! Where are you going, the cafeteria is in the other direction.
    Chrissa: I forgot my lunch box in the classroom! See ya at lunch!
    (Chrissa runs to the classroom, then runs back to Julie)
    Chrissa: EEK!!! I forgot my lunch box at home!! (starts crazily running in circles)

  2. Julie: “Oh my gosh, Chrissa, you got a cast? But like, cast are like so un-cool these days. Like, they’re were cool in like, 2007! Hello. Get the latest fashion buzz!”
    Chrissa: “Hey, this wasn’t MY choice. Besides, you don’t look so great yourself. I mean, that weird jean dress thing is sooo hideous. Are you from like, from the 1970 dehs or something?!?!”
    Julie: “Yeah, Chrissa, in fact, I am.”

  3. Julie: Hey, Chrissa, look at the cute lunchbox I found at the ma- what happened to your arm?
    Chrissa: You wouldn’t BELIEVE how awful back to school shopping was at Staples! I nearly got killed! I’m lucky I escaped with ONLY a broken arm!!
    Julie: Umm, yeah right….. were you horsing around on top of the monkey bars again?
    Chrissa: Uh, well, maybe, sort of….. yeah. But this time I was lucky! Last time I had a broken arm AND a broken leg!

  4. Hey everyone! I know I said that I would put the favorite caption (and the 2 honorable mentions) up yesterday, but I was really busy, so I’ll post them later 🙂

    This is a wonderful caption submitted by Brenda from my official Facebook page:
    ‘Julie: You hurt your arm shopping for reduced Valentine’s day candy? Wow! You sure are a chocoholic!’

  5. Post the winner plzzzzzzz

  6. Thanks for all your comments 🙂 All the captions that have been submitted are awesome!

    @castisa: I know everyone is waiting for the favorite caption to be posted. I’m working on it right now, and I’ll probably have it posted within the next few minutes

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