Caption This Doll Picture #3

By on 3-29-2012 in Caption This Doll Picture

Caption This Doll Picture is back, and I think this one is going to be EXTREMELY fun! One of the things I love about having this website is seeing all the funny, exciting, and unique captions that you come up with! Here’s the picture:

What do you think Chrissa, Julie, and Sierra are thinking/saying? Just comment below with your caption (remember, it can be as funny, unique, or creative as you want). I will pick my favourite caption (and 2 Honourable Mentions), and it will be shown one week from now (next Thursday)!


I can’t wait to see your captions! Have fun 🙂


  1. Chrissa: I like Kevin the best!
    Sierra: You should like Joe, he is the cutest!
    Julie: you are both wrong Nick is the best!

  2. Katie- Thanks for submitting the caption. Unfortunately, Caption This Doll Picture is officially over, but I still really like your caption, so I’ll consider you the winner for Picture 3.1 of CTDP (Shortly after posting this picture, I posted another one called ‘Caption This Doll Picture #3 REVISED) 🙂

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