‘Caption This Doll Picture’ Introduction/Announcement (inspired by AmericanGirlFan’s ‘Caption That Doll Picture’)

By on 12-28-2011 in Caption This Doll Picture

I was looking at some ‘Caption That Doll’ pictures on americangirlfan.com (an awesome website created by a fan of American Girl dolls), and I came up with an idea. I’m going to do something similar to ‘Caption That Doll Picture’. (The only different is that it will be called ‘Caption This Doll Picture’)

Every week, I’ll post a picture of my dolls doing something, and you will have the opportunity to write captions for the doll picture. To write the captions, leave a comment describing what you think the dolls are saying. I will pick the best caption, and I’ll post the best caption the next day.

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