Create-Your-Own-GOTY: Ryan Meyers

By on 4-21-2013 in American Girl

So I was inspired to create a GOTY (Girl of the Year) doll based on a story written by one of the members of the American Girl Fan Message Board 🙂 Here’s the description:

‘Meet Ryan: The Soon-To-Be Songwriter’.

Ryan Meyers is a 9-year-old girl who loves writing songs. She and her best friend Marina have been friends since Kindergarten, and they hang out almost every week. But when Ryan meets a new girl named Hannah, Marina starts to become jealous. Could this new girl be jeopardizing their friendship?

Also, when her parents say that they have to ‘cut back’ on certain things due to her dad losing his job, can Ryan find a way around the obstacles?


Your Ryan doll is 18 inches tall, with light brown highlighted hair, piercing blue eyes and freckles sprinkled across her face. She comes wearing an outfit that’s perfect for songwriting or hanging out with her friends: a light-blue t-shirt, a denim skirt, and dark blue boots. Brush and style her long hair, and dress her in the perfect outfit! She also comes with a copy of her book, ‘Meet Ryan: The Soon-To-Be Songwriter’.


Ryan’s Play Outfit

(Yes, I know this is the Easy Breezy outfit, but it looks ADORABLE on her! Just pretend it’s apart of her collection)

When Ryan wants to hang out with her best friend, Marina, she chooses this adorable outfit:

* A summery tank-top with plaid and floral-prints

* A pair of turquoise shorts

* Bright pink Converse shoes


Ryan’s Pajamas

(These are the Butterfly PJs, but I’m just pretending this outfit is apart of her collection, too)

When Ryan’s dad loses his job, she thinks that things won’t get better. She can dream of brighter days ahead (and ideas for new songs!) in these adorable pajamas:

*A light blue, long-sleeved pajama top with a butterfly applique

*Matching pajama bottoms with a butterfly motif

*Blue slippers with gigantic butterflies on each toe

*Also includes 2 light blue ponytail holders


Ryan’s Special Dress

When Ryan performs an original song at her school recital, she chooses this b-e-a-utiful ensemble:

•A rosy-red velvet dress

*Matching red flats

*Light gray tights

*A red hairband to sweep back her golden-brown hair

*A silver locket

*A flower hair clip that clips right onto the hairband will complete her look!


Ryan’s 1-DAY Outfit

When Ryan wins the 1-DAY contest, she chooses this outfit to wear when she meets her celebrity inspiration:

*A light pink, short-sleeved tee with contrast stitching

* An embroidered skirt with pink and purple accents

*Sporty (mismatched) sneakers and striped arm-warmer gloves to match


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