CUTENESS OVERLOAD! Fluffy with my dolls!

By on 6-02-2012 in My Dolls

I have a cat named Fluffy, and she’s a doll fan, too! I’m not kidding. When she comes into my room, she’s either snuggled up with one of my dolls. or sleeping on my doll bed! She’s been featured on Doll Diaries twice already, so she’s quite the little celebrity here (in fact, just a few minutes ago, I told her that she was going to be famous, and she started grooming herself and getting ready for the ‘interviews’! LOL!).

I was looking at some pictures of my dolls, and I found some really cute pictures of Fluffy curled up on my doll bed. I decided to post them, along with the other pictures that have made Fluffy famous!

It looks like my doll bed no longer belongs to dolls… it belongs to cats! Fluffy knocked Chrissa off of her bed just so that she could lie down (LOL!).



Kit and Fluffy… I entered the Doll Diaries Reader Photo Event for January using this picture 🙂


The picture that started it all! Fluffy really enjoyed sleeping on/with Julie. This picture was posted on Doll Diaries (under the title, ‘Fluffy Wants in on the Action’), and I received a lot of nice comments about the picture.


  1. Awe! Fluffy is such an adorable kitty! Silver tabby I presume?

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