Doll Craft: Create Some Accessories for Your Blythe or Kelly doll

By on 11-25-2011 in Doll Crafts

Unless you haven’t seen the new Littlest Pet Shop commercials featuring Blythe, you probably already know that the LPS line has expanded to feature Blythe (a popular doll from the early 2000’s, I believe). This new line is called ‘Blythe Loves Littlest Pet Shop, and it features Blythe as a ‘pet-sitter’. I have one of these dolls (the ‘Outdoor Afternoon’ doll, to be exact), and I thought that it would be a good idea to create some accessories for her. If you don’t have Blythe, these accessories will be the right scale for Kelly dolls, so you can still create them whether you have a Blythe Loves LPS doll or not.

I will show you how to make 2 projects: a desk, and a laptop/desktop computer.


For both projects, you will need:

• Cardstock or construction paper of any colour

• A ruler

• A pencil, pen, or marker

• Scissors

• Glue or tape

• A Blythe or Kelly doll (to make sure the size of the accessories is accurate compared to the scale of the doll)

• Coloured markers (optional)

Project #1: Laptop/Desktop computer

1) Lay your paper or cardstock horizontally on your table/desk (wherever you’re planning on doing this project).

2) Using your ruler, measure 4 cm and draw a straight line across the paper.

3) Using your scissors, cut along the line.

4) You should have a rectangle that’s 8 cm long and 3 1/2 cm wide.

5) Hold your doll up to the rectangle, and see if the rectangle is the correct size (it depends on if you’re making a desktop computer or a laptop. I’m making a laptop for my Blythe doll). If you’re making a laptop, measure 2 cm (starting from 0), and draw a line at the 2 m point. If you’re making a desktop computer, measure 3 cm (starting from 0).

6) Measure another 1 cm, and draw little dots to represent the keyboard. If you’re making a desktop computer, cut along where the dots have been placed. That way, the keyboard will be separate from the computer.

7) If you’re making a laptop, fold the paper in half. If you’re making a desktop computer,

8) Colour it any way you want using the markers

9) Cover it with tape (to protect it from damage).


Project #2: Desk

1) Cut a square of paper or cardstock. This square should be 8 cm long (starting at 0) and 7 cm wide (again, starting at 0)

2) Fold thee 2 edges so that they meet in the center of the square.

3) Cut a small rectangle out of the center of each side.

4) Cover with tape (for protection).




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