Favourites of ‘Caption This Doll Picture’ #1

By on 1-06-2012 in Caption This Doll Picture

Here is the winning caption for Week 1 of ‘Caption This Doll Picture’. It was SO HARD to choose my favourite out of them, because I liked all the captions equally 🙂 Here’s the favourite caption of the week 🙂


Julie: I really like this music! I am glad you asked for a record player this Christmas.
Chrissa: And I am really glad you asked for that dress this Christmas because I want to BORROW IT!

Submitted by: Shannon


And, because it was so hard to choose my favourite, here is 1 Honourable Mention:

Julie: Hey, no fair Chrissa! You got way more presents than me!
Chrissa: Did not! Mom’s getting you two new dolls as a late Christmas present so we’re even!
Julie: She is?! Wow, I can’t wait to see the dolls!
Chrissa: Oops, that was supposed to be a surprise….

Submitted by: Priya


This was so much fun 🙂 Make sure to come back next week to caption a new doll picture 🙂


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