Favourites of Caption This Doll Picture #2

By on 3-18-2012 in Caption This Doll Picture

Thank you everyone for sending in your captions for this week’s CTDP (Caption This Doll Picture). They were all so awesome, and it was really hard for me to choose (that’s why I didn’t get the caption posted until now… I was trying to decide which one was my favorite!)

The Favourite Caption of the week is…

Julie: You hurt your arm shopping for reduced Valentine’s Day candy? Wow, you sure are a chocoholic!

Submitted by: Brenda


Because it was so hard to choose, here are 2 Honourable Mentions:

Julie: Hey Chrissa! Where are you going, the cafeteria is in the other direction.
Chrissa: I forgot my lunch box in the classroom! See ya at lunch!
(Chrissa runs to the classroom, then runs back to Julie)
Chrissa: EEK!!! I forgot my lunch box at home!! (starts crazily running in circles)

Submitted by: Priya


Julie: Hey, Chrissa, look at the cute lunchbox I found at the ma- what happened to your arm?
Chrissa: You wouldn’t BELIEVE how awful back to school shopping was at Staples! I nearly got killed! I’m lucky I escaped with ONLY a broken arm!!
Julie: Umm, yeah right….. were you horsing around on top of the monkey bars again?
Chrissa: Uh, well, maybe, sort of….. yeah. But this time I was lucky! Last time I had a broken arm AND a broken leg!

Submitted by: Mary


I love seeing all your creativity with these captions. Stay tuned for another Caption This Doll Picture, only on DollHouseDiva.com 🙂



  1. Hi-

    When you post your entry for my contest, could you comment with the link to it on my blog?


  2. Hi Priya 🙂

    I just posted my entry, and I made sure to include a link to your blog 🙂 Sorry if the entry is a little bit late, because, like I explained in my post, I forgot to post it because of the busy (and fun!) week that I had before Spring Break!

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