Happy (belated) Birthday, Julie!

By on 5-18-2012 in American Girl

(This post was supposed to be published on May 3rd, but I forgot all about it!) One of my favourite American Girl Historical Characters, Julie, celebrated her birthday on May 1st! I had a huge photoshoot planned, featuring all my 18-inch dolls, to celebrate her birthday, but I couldn’t find any time to do it. I decided, why not take some pictures today… the weather is nice, and I’m sure the horses and llamas won’t mind.

So, I went outside with a laundry basket that had 4 dolls, several outfits, and lots of little accessories. I took pictures of Julie’s birthday party, and I’ve posted them on my Facebook page. After taking the birthday party pictures, I took some individual pictures of Julie in her Birthday Dress, which I will post here:


Pretty Julie 🙂 I love her!



Julie, meet Benny the llama. Benny, meet Julie.


Where did the llamas go???


I’m just unleashing my inner Disney Princess, walking along the ‘Canadian Countryside’ (which is really my backyard)


I think I should climb this tree! I know, I’m wearing my birthday dress, and I might wreck it if I climb the tree, but it’s my birthday… I should have some fun!


I’m going higher…


and higher…


… and higher! This is so much fun! I might as well climb down from here, now!


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