Have you seen this AG Commercial?

By on 4-17-2012 in American Girl, Barbie

After watching this video, I couldn’t help but notice the similarities to some of the most recent Barbie commercials. This commercial is making me wonder what direction Mattel is taking the AG company in. For comparison purposes, here is one of the newest Barbie commercials:

Do you see the similarities between the two videos? Where do you think American Girl will be a few years from now?


  1. I totally see the similarities! I hope AG doesn’t become like the Barbie company though… 🙂

    • Well, actually AG is the Barbie company, b/c both AG and Barbie are made by Mattel. The concets for these ads were probably created by the same marketing execs.

      • Sharry- you’re probably right about the commercials being created by the same marketing execs. I don’t really know much about marketing, but I do know 1 thing: huge companies such as Barbie and AG (in other words, Mattel) focus on making money a majority of the time (from what I’ve observed). They aren’t the exact same as they were back in… 2009 (AG), and 2003 (Barbie), but I still love the companies 🙂

        I’m thinking of doing another ‘commercial-comparison’ post in the near future, comparing the AG commercial to the Only Hearts Club commercial. And maybe if the Springfield doll commercial has been released online, I’ll include it in that post, too 🙂

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