“Hearts For Hearts Girls, changing the world one heart at a time…”

By on 7-13-2012 in Other Doll Brands

Thanks to one specific doll brand, I’ve got that song stuck in my head right now! But I’m OK with it, because that doll brand has been doing some really awesome things lately. Hearts 4 Hearts Girls just released 2 new dolls named Zelia (representing Brazil) and Lauryce (representing New Orleans, USA). They also released several new outfits, and they also released the Deluxe versions of Dell (who has always been my favourite H4HG) and Consuelo (my 2nd favourite)! Here are some pictures of the new dolls:



Oh, how I love the guitar that Dell comes with! My AG dolls need a guitar for a music-oriented video series/movie I’m working on (right now, they’re using a Barbie doll-sized guitar, which is not the right size!), and I’m sure that Dell will make a nice addition to the collection. Plus, the guitar has playable strings! How cool is that?


The Deluxe version of Consuelo comes in a really adorable outfit, and she comes with a heart-shaped jewelry box AND extra doll-sized earrings that fit all the H4HG dolls!


Lauryce is such a cute little doll! I really want to purchase her! But then again, I want to purchase a lot of things from H4HG!


Zelia is also a little cutie! She looks like a smaller version of my Springfield Collection doll! In fact, if I ever purchase her (which I might not because I only want 1 H4HG doll for now), she could be McKenna’s little sister!


Now, Canadian H4HG fans can purchase these lovely dolls! They just recently announced on their Facebook page that the dolls are now available in Canada! I’m so happy about that. For a few months, I’ve been looking for the dolls here in Canada, but I haven’t been able to find any. The dolls are probably being sold at Walmart stores in Canada. Since there’s a Walmart store about 1 hour from where I live, I’ll definitely go there in the near future so I can see the dolls in person 😉


(Doll images ©2012 Playmates Toys, Inc., Hearts For Hearts Girls)


  1. I am going to scream! I recently got Dell, and now I see your post with Deluxe Dell. Anger is taking over me right now. I feel like crying. I do hope it’ll be possible to buy only her guitar one day. Or otherwise, I will be angry at h4h for eternity.

  2. the dolls are very small and very,very,very skiny but cute.may you make them big .

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