Innerstar Elementary/Middle School presents: ‘Camp Rock’ (a preview)

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UPDATE (as of November 18th, 2012): McKenna has confirmed that she will be playing the part of Caitlyn (Mitchie’s friend at Camp Rock)



Remember my post about the photo-story I was doing back in February, then I decided not to do it? Well, I’ve decided that I’m going to try again, but this time, I’m going to make it into a stop-motion.

The photo-story stop-motion is going to be an adaptation of one of my favorite movies. That movie is ‘Camp Rock’. Yes, it’s the movie from 2008. The movie that stars the Jonas Brothers. The movie that doesn’t appear to be extremely popular anymore (from my observations). Here is a quick summary of the whole thing…

The ‘Innerstar Elementary/Middle School’ drama class is getting ready to do their first MAJOR play of the school year (before the Christmas play). In ‘CAMP ROCK: DOLL HOUSE DIVA EDITION’, Chrissa portrays Mitchie, a 14-year-old girl with an amazing singing voice and a dream (that dream is to go to Camp Rock). When one of her dreams comes true, she becomes friends with Shane (a pop star who was also at Camp Rock), and some popular girls. She doesn’t let anyone know about her true self, but when one of the popular girls reveals her (Mitchie’s) secret, will Mitchie be able to show everyone who she really is?

Cast And Characters:

The whole cast hasn’t been confirmed yet, but so far, there are 3 dolls who have signed on to this photo-story stop-motion:

Chrissa (Girl of The Year 2009) will portray Mitchie

Julie (1974 Historical Character) will be portraying Tess

McKenna (Springfield Collection doll) will be portraying Caitlyn


Find out more when ‘CAMP ROCK: DOLL HOUSE DIVA EDITION’ is released, only on Doll House 🙂

(This stop-motion might be based on a movie, but the summary was written in my own words, and I’ll try to make the stop-motion original, while still following the summary that I posted. It might take a while to create this stop-motion)



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