Maplelea, the Canadian Girl Doll

By on 8-23-2011 in Maplelea Dolls

Who says that the American Girl dolls get to have all the fun? I’ve recently heard about a really awesome doll brand called Maplelea. The Maplelea dolls are like American Girl dolls, but they’re made in Canada. There are 6 characters in this line named Taryn, Brianne, Alexi, Jenna, Leonie, and Saila, and these 6 characters represent the different provinces of Canada. They have some really cute accessories (like a Pizza Party set) that fit both the respective doll brand and American Girl dolls, however, I’m not exactly sure if the Maplelea Girls clothing will fit AG dolls.

For anyone who wants to know if Maplelea dolls are exactly the same as AG dolls, here are some similarities and differences between the 2 brands:

-They both cost a lot of money. Maplelea dolls cost approx. $99.00 (Canadian), and American Girl dolls cost $105.00

-They both are excellent quality
-Their eyes open and close
-American Girl doll clothes can fit these dolls perfectly

-American Girl dolls are slightly larger than Maplelea dolls
-Maplelea dolls have different face molds than the American Girl dolls

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  1. I will be getting Alexi next year for easter.

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