Movie Review: ‘An American Girl: McKenna Shoots For The Stars’

By on 7-16-2012 in Product Reviews

I watched ‘McKenna Shoots For The Stars’ on NBC the other night, and I thought it was OK. It wasn’t my absolute favourite AG movie (compared to Kit, Chrissa, and Samantha’s movies), but I liked it. I thought the movie started off a little bit slow. However, it did get better towards the middle/end!

Summary: This movie is based on the stories of McKenna, AG’s Girl of the Year 2012. 9-year-old McKenna Brooks is determined to make the regional competitive gymnastics team, but she’s off-track in school and struggling to keep up. When McKenna has to get a tutor, she’s embarrassed, and she doesn’t want her friends to know about it. Then, she injures her ankle at the gym, which sidetracks her from the sport she loves. She needs the support of her friends now more than ever, but the secret she’s keeping is driving a wedge between her and them. Can she find the courage to tell her friends the truth? And will she recover in time to return to gymnastics?

What I Liked:

The gymnastics! I was really impressed by the gymnastics in this movie. I especially loved the back handspring that McKenna did (the gymnastics move that Coach Isabelle told her not to do, and the move that made McKenna fall and injure her ankle).

The wheelchair race. During once scene in the movie, McKenna and Josie had a wheelchair race. It looked like fun!

The part where Toulane was spying on McKenna. This scene was one of the most awesome scenes in the movie! When Toulane did all those flips and everything, I thought ‘This scene should DEFINITELY be in a movie about spies! Because it’s absolutely perfect! Even the music is perfect for this scene!

The horses. I love horses, so it’s no surprise that I loved the idea of Josie doing horseback riding lessons in this movie. I also loved how brave McKenna was when the horses were scared!


What I Didn’t Like:

• I love AG, but I wasn’t the biggest fan of this movie because of 1 thing: It was a little bit dramatic in some parts. During the beginning of the movie, I thought the storyline was kind of slow. but that wasn’t a huge thing. I did think that the movie was a little bit dramatic, though. During a commercial break, I did some research, and I found out that the movie was filed under the ‘Drama’ category. That made sense. Now, I understand why it was a little bit dramatic.


Overall, I have to give the McKenna movie 3.5 stars. It was OK, I liked it, but I don’t think I’ll watch it again. I still love the McKenna doll/books/accessories, but this movie wasn’t as good as the other AG movies, in my honest opinion.


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  1. I agree totally! I have McKenna and have read her book several times and I was disappointed with the movie!
    I found you blog from one of my favorite blogs AmericanGirlFan! Thanks, Lizzy

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