My Birthday Shopping Trip

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My birthday was last Sunday, and to celebrate, I went shopping in Edmonton with my mom and my aunt (we went shopping for new clothes, but we stopped at some really fun stores, too). I decided to write a post about the fun day that I had (because we went to some doll-related stores).

I woke up at around 7:00 am on my birthday, because it takes 2 hours to drive to Edmonton from where I live. After writing a post on Facebook saying that it was my birthday, we (me and my parents) left for Edmonton! I think we got there at 9:00. When we got to Edmonton, we went to a restaurant for breakfast. I ordered an omelet with mushrooms and cheese, and it wasn’t very good.

After breakfast, my dad and my uncle went to the Home and Garden Show, while me, my mom, and my aunt went SHOPPING! I was REALLY EXCITED about it! First stop: Michael’s Crafts. When we got there, I headed straight to the Springfield Doll Section. Here’s what I had to choose from:




After a few minutes, I decided what I wanted to buy. I bought Olivia, along with…


White Fur Coat, T-shirt and Jeans, Swimsuit and Sarong, Argyle Tee and Skirt, Shirt and Camo Skirt, Sliver Prom Dress, Tank Top and Underwear, Dressy Outfit, Nightie and Blanket,


Tan Sherpa Trim Boots,  Pink Slippers, White Espadrilles, Ice Skates,  Sport Shoes,


White Tights, and the Visor

To summarize that, I purchased a lot of things for my doll. After putting everything into the shopping cart, my mom took some pictures of me with Olivia.



My aunt bought the Soccer Outfit, the Shoes, Socks, and Soccer Ball that matched the outfit, and the Cheerleading outfit, along with some bowling-themed erasers (I bought the sewing-themed ones). I thought she was going to buy herself a Springfield doll! However, when we were finished shopping at Michael’s Crafts, my aunt handed me the bag with the stuff she purchased, and she said “Happy Birthday” to me. She bought the outfits as a birthday gift for me! It was one of the nicest birthday gifts ever 🙂

The next place we went to was Laugh ‘N Learn Toy Store. Of course, I didn’t buy anything from there (because I spent all my birthday money on the Springfield Collection merchandise), but I had a lot of fun looking at the different toys. I actually found this adorable doll from the Madeline TV series (I used to watch it when I was younger… seeing the doll brought back lots of memories). I also found some Sesame Street plush toys, which also brought back a lot of memories.

After looking at all the cool toys, my mom decided to take some pictures of me. There was this life-size Playmobil doll near one of the displays, and I wanted to get my picture taken with it. So I grabbed some stuffed animals, sat down in front of it, and got my picture taken 🙂

Me with the Playmobil doll, a gigantic Sock Monkey, and a big-eyed penguin (who I named 'Sad/Cute Penguin', because of the cute expression on its face). Do you see the stick of candy that I'm holding in the picture? My aunt bought that for me, too.


This is another picture my mom took of me... this time, I'm in front of the Laugh 'N Learn store 🙂

After, we went to West Edmonton Mall so that I could buy some new clothes. I bought a cute summer dress from Sears, a pink cowgirl hat, a belt, and pink cowgirl boots from Lammle’s, and a few pairs of jeans, a summer dress, and a few t-shirts from Old Navy. Here’s a picture of me wearing one of my new dresses:

This is the dress I bought from Sears. I can't wait until summer, so that I can wear it! Especially with those pink cowgirl boots I mentioned....

Old Navy was the last store we went to, but before going there, my mom had to pick up my birthday gift. While my mom did that, me and my aunt went to GalaxyLand (an amusement park that’s in the mall), and we played some games.

After all the shopping, we met my dad and my uncle at Red Lobster, and we had dinner (The food wasn’t really the best, but it was OK. However, the dessert was awesome!). I opened my birthday gift, which turned out to be a gorgeous pair of earrings. When we finished eating dinner, me and my parents went home.

It was a really fun day, and I’ll never forget it 🙂

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  1. Awww, you look so cute w/ Olivia. That sounds like a really fun birthday! May you have many more! :o)

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