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This is my entry for Priya’s Historical Character contest. For the contest, you have to design your own unique historical character. Although everyone who enters is only allowed to enter once, I will be posting several ideas for characters throughout the week (just for fun).

One thing that I should mention before we begin this post: My historical character is based on one of my dolls, and I am actually writing a series of 6 books and making my own little ‘collection’ for her. Also, I know it’s the 24th, and the entries were supposed to be submitted yesterday, but with all the excitement of Spring Break, I forgot to post this.

Name: Sierra Cummings

When her stories take place: Fall 2003-Summer 2004 (I know, it’s quite recent, but I couldn’t really come up with any ideas for a time period that’s different from the already-existing Historical time periods)

Where her stories take place: Canada

Sierra is older than any of the other historical characters. She’s 12 years old in the first book, and in the 4th book, she turns 13. She will have 6 books in her series, and they will follow the traditional format.

BOOK 1 (Meet Sierra): 12 year old Sierra Cummings didn’t think she’d have to move. But when her mom got a job transfer, Sierra had to leave her home in British Columbia, her school that she had attended since Grade 2, and, more importantly, her friends. When Sierra started at her new school in Alberta, she didn’t think she’d ever fit in. She wanted to be friends with the popular girls, so she started acting different from who she really was. When she met a girl named Kelsey, she learned that being popular wasn’t all it was made out to be… having true friends and being herself was more important.

The other 5 books in her series are:

Sierra Learns a Lesson (A School Story)

Sierra’s Surprise (A Christmas Story)

Happy Birthday, Sierra (A Springtime Story)

Sierra Saves The Day (A Summer Story)

Changes For Sierra (A Winter Story)




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