My Newest Photostory-Turned-Video

By on 5-27-2012 in American Girl

I’m so happy that I’m finally on YouTube, and I have made 2 videos in a row to celebrate that. My first video is called “An American Girl Doll Music Video- Watch Me”, and the second one is called “Karina Grace’s Journey- An Only Hearts Club Stop-Motion” (both of these videos will be posted on here later).

My third video was originally going to be a photostory, but I thought, Why not turn it into a video? I’m sure everyone will love it in video format! So I went onto iMovie, placed all the photos into the video, added the song, and after about 1 hour yesterday and 1 hour on Monday (to edit the video), I finished it, and I uploaded it to my YouTube channel. I’m going to share the video here.

This is mentioned in the credits, but the song I used for the video is ‘Your Biggest Fan’ by the Jonas Brothers (featuring China Anne McClain). The song doesn’t really have anything to do with the video, but if you watch the introduction, you’ll find out why I included it.

I hope you enjoy the video 🙂

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