New American Girl Commercials on YouTube :D

By on 11-17-2012 in American Girl

A few days ago, I was just looking at random doll videos on YouTube, when I noticed something from American Girl. Something NEW from AG. Turns out, it was a set of 3 commercials that have the title, “Watch Her Shine In/At…”, followed by ‘The Arts’, ‘Sports’, and ‘On Stage’. I watched all 3 commercials, and I have to say, I am VERY impressed. In my honest, personal opinion, they are better than AG’s previous commercial (the one with that ‘Watch Us Shine’ song… the one that I compared to a Barbie commercial a while back…).

The commercial above is called, ‘Watch Her Shine on stage’. This commercial is my favourite out of the three, probably because it has always been a dream of mine to perform onstage.


‘Watch Her Shine in the arts’. This is my 2nd favourite, because Julie (one of my top 3 favourite historical dolls) is in the commercial!


‘Watch Her Shine at sports’. The first commercial promoted Rebecca, the 2nd one promoted Julie, and this one is promoting the My American Girl dolls. I love how American Girl isn’t focusing entirely on the My AG dolls; they’re creating commercials about the historical dolls, too 😉

In my opinion, these commercials are some of the best that AG has come out with in a while. I honestly believe that AG is stepping up its game in terms of marketing. Not to mention, I LOVE the song in these commercials (it reminds me of ‘Like A Star’ by Britt Nicole) 🙂

What do you think of these commercials?


  1. We saw the Rebecca one on TV last night and I was about to post it to Doll Diaries today, too. I haven’t see the others yet – will have to go take a look. These are by far the best AG ads I have seen yet.

    • Personally, I think these ads are better than the previous MyAG ad… Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of the ‘Watch Us Shine’ song they used in that commercial.

      I really, truly, believe that AG is stepping up its game- not only in marketing, but also in terms of their products. I just saw the new Travel Accessories set… although it’s kinda expensive, it’s TOO CUTE (especially the little iPod w/ the HEADPHONES! And the recharging dock!). If I get the chance to purchase something from AG, I’m buying that set (that is, if it goes on sale)

  2. I like those ads. The Rebecca one I think is good b/c it’s kind of a throwback to the days kids really did used to dig in Grandma’s trunks and play dress-up. Of course I like the Julie one b/c I’m such a 70s chick. And I love that all 3 girls talk to their dolls like they’re best friends. I still think it’s ashame that these dolls are so expensive. Playing w/ dolls is an essential part of growing up for girls. And while American Girl treasures this concept, in the end, it’s about the almighty dollar.

  3. I think those commercials were the bomb!!! I especially like the Rebecca one.

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