Photos of my Springfield Collection doll, McKenna

By on 5-27-2012 in Other Doll Brands

Ever since I purchased my Springfield doll, McKenna, a couple months ago, I have been a fan of the Springfield Collection company. Walking into Michaels Crafts Canada that day was like going to AG Place (I’ve never been to AG Place, but you get the point. It’s practically the same level of excitement). Since March 2012, McKenna has been featured in several photo-stories with my 4 American Girl dolls (some examples are: ‘A New Friend: The AG Dolls Meet McKenna’, and the ‘A Summer Like No Other’ photo-story series), but I figured it was time to feature her in some picture by herself (to show you how photogenic she is).

I took these pictures in late March-early April of this year.

She’s a skating star! In this picture, McKenna is wearing the White Faux-Fur Coat the Ice-Skates, the Jeans (from the T-Shirt and Jeans set), and the black long-sleeved shirt from the Camouflage Skirt and Shirt set (not shown). Her ‘skating rink’ is a laundry basket (used for storing extra doll stuff) turned upside down.


In this picture, McKenna is wearing the Swimsuit and Sarong set. I really love this set. It’s good quality, a slightly-less-expensive alternative to the AG version, and the swimsuit is one of my favorite colors… PINK! 🙂


McKenna was in her room, playing with her dollhouse, and I just had to take a picture!


Out of all the pictures I have posted of my Springfield doll, this is my favorite. McKenna’s bed is actually the 2004 Barbie and Me Bed set (I used to play with my 2 Barbie and Me dolls all the time when I was younger). Surprisingly, it works really well for 18 inch dolls! The pink and white blanket came with the Nightie and Blanket set from the Springfield Collection. Her cat, ‘Fluffball’, is a cute little sleeping kitten that I got from my piano teacher. Sweet Dreams, McKenna!



  1. Hi!

    I know when I first got my Springfield doll, Julie, I would take loads of pics of her. Springfield dolls are so cute. And I love going to Michaels as well. I don’t always buy doll stuff, but it’s still fun to look around. But I do tend to go a little crazy online buying stuff for them. Since they’re alll based in the 70s w/ Julie, it’s a little challenging finding different 70s fashions that I can afford, but I do it! The rest of my girls are Susan (Emma doll), Raychel, (Olivia doll) and Stephanie (an AGOT #19 from Pleasant Company). I look foward to seeing more photos and things w/ McKenna. Will you ever make a video on YouTube?

  2. Hi, Sharry!
    I made a Christmas video last year, and my mom posted it on her YouTube account. Just look for a video that’s called ‘American Girl Christmas by Doll House Diva’. I don’t have a YouTube account yet, but maybe in the future, I’ll get one! 🙂 If I ever get a YouTube account/channel, I’ll definitely post some more videos of my dolls!

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