Product Review: “Barbie: A Perfect Christmas”

By on 11-05-2011 in Barbie, Product Reviews

I had the opportunity to watch a special sneak peek of the all new Barbie movie a few days later, and I was NOT impressed. The actresses who were picked to voice Barbie, Skipper, Stacie, and ‘Kelly’ did a great job, but the sneak peek was a little bit disappointing for 1 reason:

– Mattel did good at promoting the event, but what I thought was the whole 60-something minute long movie turned out to be just a 4 minute PREVIEW of the film, which involved ‘Kelly’ being dragged by a very cute dog down a mountain (and across an ice-rink). (Note to self: Make sure to read advertisements for ‘sneak peeks’ of Mattel movies very closely next time)


Beside that 1 complaint, I think that the WHOLE movie will be better than the preview. I can’t wait to see the whole movie when it comes out on November 8th!

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