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By on 3-16-2013 in Updates

I know I haven’t posted in a while. I know the last post I did was about the release of American Girl Saige’s collection.

The truth is, I’ve been focusing more on the video-creating aspect of doll-collecting. Which explains why I haven’t blogged since January. The other reason why I haven’t blogged is because I’ve been SO BUSY these past few months with friends, school, and… other commitments.

In the first of two posts today, I shared with you one of the more recent videos I made, to Miley Cyrus’ song, ‘These Four Walls’. Well, in this post, I’m going to share another video I made. This is the video for ‘Kids of the Future’. In the video, McKenna is at gymnastics class, with Chrissa and Kit watching from the sidelines. Kenna then gets this awesome idea, for the 3 of them to form a pyramid. It’s simple, but it’s awesome 🙂


I must say, I AM AMAZED AT THE NUMBER OF VIEWS THIS VIDEO HAS! I posted it on March 8th. It’s now… March 16th, and this video has 174 views. I only have one thing to say: I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! Thank you for viewing this video. Thank you to Liz at AmericanGirlFan (who posted this video on her website for ‘From A Friend Weekend’), everyone at Springfield Collection, Char from Doll Diaries, Karen (from KarenMomOfThree’s Craft Blog), Jen and Zoey from AG Doll Play, and all the people who have liked, commented, subscribed, followed, etc., over the past while. Without you, this video wouldn’t have the number of views it has today. Without you, I probably wouldn’t be doing this. Without you, I probably wouldn’t have 110 likes on Facebook.

Without your support, I might not have started this website in the first place. It’s all thanks to several doll sites and inspirational people, who gave me the inspiration to create Doll House Diva. I thought I was the only one who liked dolls. And, to be honest, before I started this website, I thought I’d never find anyone who accepted the fact that I like dolls. I thought I wouldn’t find anyone who loved me, for who I am (yes, I just referenced a Nick Jonas song on a website about dolls. What can I say? ‘Who I Am’ is my anthem).

I am not giving up blogging completely. In fact, I’ve promised myself to start blogging more often. It’s just that with several commitments (i.e. SCHOOL), and the fact that I’m moving more towards the video-making, I haven’t blogged in a few months. Where I live, Spring Break is in two weeks. Hopefully, I’ll have more time to blog then 🙂

Writing this post, I’m thinking of all the awesome things about blogging. I’ve experienced new things, met a whole bunch of awesome people, and… I think I’ve actually… kinda… FOUND MYSELF. I think I’ve truly found who I am, who I want to be…

And it’s because of you. It’s because of everyone who has supported me through this awesome journey called blogging. I love you guys so much <3




  1. I remember when you first started blogging! You have come a LONG way! Keep true to yourself and you will be amazing at what ever to do.

  2. Awww…this was such a great post! Thanks for mentioning us and know that we are cheering you on as well! May your journey continue onward to great things…blogging had the same effect on me too. It brought out a confidence and helped to better define what it was that I was interested in and cared about. Good luck on your journey! – Jen and Zoey

  3. how did you make the stop motion video?

    • I made the stop-motion video by taking several pictures of my dolls, in one sequence. Then, I put the pictures into one sequence (in iMovie), and added the music and text. Hope this helps 🙂

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